In transport logistics, we are committed to new technologies, adding value to our service and transport coordination, being able to manage large information blocks (fleets, special events, reservations, etc …).


Our services and vehicles fleet are managed through latest-generation programs.
We bet on new technologies for the management of our services and traffic control. The objective is to maximize the effectiveness of our work systems:

TOM TOM WEBFLEET: Vehicle geolocation system.
COCONUT: Driver geolocation system and closing of parts.
BLAI BOOKINGS: Reservation management system.
OTHERS: Social networks, APP’s, WhatsApp, etc.

Logistic Department

If you need a transport and logistics department for your congress or event, from BLAI we can manage both remotely and from side to side, from your facilities or from any point (convention center, hotel, event …) all the transportation logistics.

In our team we have SPECIALIST COORDINATORS IN TRANSPORTATION so that you do not worry about the management of vehicles during the event, congress, providing personal IN SITU if the event requires it.