Blai bases his success on the Human Team.
From the staff that coordinates the calls, the traffic department, the sales team, the management, to the team of drivers, who are the greatest exponent of Blai in front of our customers, we all work with a single common goal: the maximum satisfaction of our passengers.


Our Technical Staff is synonymous of coordination: The gears have to work in an effective way so that the result is correct. We are constantly looking for the way our work protocols adapt to each of our clients’ situations.

In BLAI we understand the importance of teamwork, because without this team it would not be possible to achieve the objectives set: Excellence in service and customer satisfaction.


Our drivers are chosen through a thorough selection process, which assesses the cultural level, a high level of English (valuing other languages), minimum 5 years of experience as a driver, as well as physical appearance, among other values ​​…

Each new incorporation involves a learning process at corporate level, as well as complementary courses such as: safe driving, first aid, use of technological tools (Tom-tom, Coconut …).